Who We Are

The Nanaimo Duncan and District Labour Council (NDDLC) represents Labour in our Community and defends and works to improve the rights of all workers. The NDDLC represents over 13,000 unionized workers across Central Vancouver Island.

The NDDLC meets monthly to work together on shared concerns such as decent wages and safe working conditions for all workers. From arranging public events and fundraisers to planning training and education activities for our members, the Council is an active part of our Central Vancouver Island communities.

Both within the labour movement and for workers generally, the NDDLC is involved in campaigns to improve justice in the workplace and in our society. Our volunteers work on issues ranging from the environment to immigration, taking part in information campaigns and connecting with officials at the local, provincial and national levels.


Jenn MacPherson (BCFMWU Local 2) President
Deborah Hopper (CUPE Local 1858) Vice President
Vicki Miller (USW 1-1937) Vice President
John Humphrey (IAMAW) Vice President
Lexi Jabbour (MoveUP) Secretary
Tiffany McLaughlin (CUPE Local 1858) Treasurer
Quinn Ramsay (CUPE Local 1858) Sgt. at Arms
Hailey Fielden (CUPE Local 606) Youth Delegate
Kim Heaps (HEU) Member at Large
Mike Redman (USW 1-1937) Member at Large
Jessica Dagasso (PSAC - CEIU) Member at Large
Debbie Comer (BCTF Local 69) Member at Large


Merry-Lea Frame (HEU) Trustee
Sue Polachuk (HEU) Trustee
Kristin Singbiel (BCTF Local 68) Trustee